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Fascia and Breath
with Fran

Welcome to my blog!

Frankly, I never thought, that I would ever start a blog. But I realized, that I really would like to share many of the things I read and learn about Fascia and Breath with you. Both Fascia and Breath are not in the consciousness of most of us. Our bodies breathe and move automatically.

But when we know more about it, when we can put awareness into breathing and moving, we are able to boost our self-healing machanisms. We can change our bodies to have more energy, better health and greater ease of mind.

Does that sound a bit over the top? Find out for yourself!

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Introduction to Fascia

So you would like to know more? Here we go!

To start I would like to share an introductory video about fascia. Meet Carla Stecco, Tom Myers, Jean-Claude Guimberteau and Robert Schleip!

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