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My name is Franziska Held. I am a mother of two amazing kids and I have practiced as a passionate Physiotherapist for almost 20 years.

During my professional career, I have worked with elderly people in postoperative and rehab situations, chronic pain patients in my private practice as well with young professional sportsmen and women in a Swiss Olympic Medical Centre.

Accompanying these clients, I started to realize that treating an injured knee or a painful area in the lower back would often not be sufficient enough for the client to find full range of motion and activity. Very often tensions would come back or another area of the body would start to report pain.

So I was looking for a more hollistic way to help my clients, when a very good friend lent me a  book called 'Anatomy Trains' by Tom Myers. I learnt how fascia connects all the cells in the body, that restricted areas far from the pain could be the source of it and that it was possible to ease all that tension to give the body the possibility to heal. I was inspired and wanted to learn more about it.

Today I still work with patients of all ages and activities. I added to my therapy toolbox a set of techniques and a treatment philosophy called Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI). And this journey is ongoing. I'm learning everyday something new about the human body and it's functioning. By the End of 2022 I successfully achieved the certificate in Structural Integration, a 650 hours journey coming to an end. But be assured that I will continue to learn!

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"No need to posture - just be"

Don Thompson

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My therapies will always be tailored towards your needs, motivation and your body's strength. To ensure my work is effective ongoing, I keep myself up to date and well informed of new trends and developments in the field of manual therapy and anatomy.

Thank you for visiting my homepage!

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