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Find more energy, relax and heal

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What is Breathing Retraining?

Breathing Retraining was developed by Anders Olsson ( A very inspiring Swede who devoted his life to breathing. The goal of the Breathing Retraining Therapy is to relearn how to breath naturally, calmly and consciously. It will help you to make use of your diaphragm and ribs more economically and gives you a powerful tool to relax in stressful moments.

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What happens during a session?

You will learn different breathing techniques and exercises. This includes breathing with the Relaxator, a breathing device which helps you to make better use of you diaphragm, to breathe slower and lengthen your exhale.

At the beginning of the treatment I will assess your posture. This is to identify any muscles and fascia tissue that may be too tight and could therefore restrict the movement of the ribs. This in turn has a direct effect on the expansion of the lungs and your in-breath. With manual therapy techniques and exercises we will address these restrictions and balance the tissue around your lungs.

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What can be achieved?

By breathing efficiently your cells get a better supply of oxygen resulting in you feeling more energetic. Your self healing powers and your immune system will become stronger. Slow and calm breathing is known to reduce the feeling of stress, blood pressure, helps to manage asthma and pain and is related to better sleep and causes you to snore less.

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How does it work?

By breathing slow and low the parasympathetic nervous system is activated (your relaxation and healing mode). Additionally the CO2 level in your blood stream changes and helps provide more oxygen to your cells. Breathing through your nose instead of breathing through your mouth will provide you with additional benefits that help to widen your airways, blood vessels and help your immune system to conquer viruses and bacteria before they even reach your lungs.

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